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Calathea orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia

With its 150 different species, and its multitudes of foliage and colors each crazier than the next, the Calatheas may turn your head and make you want to start a collection very quickly!

The Calathea, is part of the Marantaceae family, it is native to the tropical forests of South America. Some species are so graphic they seem almost fabricated, unreal!

If your home is not very bright, this is the ideal plant!

It is imperative to install it in a semi-shade place, it supports small amounts of light and does not really appreciate the rays of direct sun, under penalty of burning its foliage. Due to its tropical origins, it appreciates a humid atmosphere; dry air is its great enemy, so be very careful in winter with the heating which strongly dries the air!

We therefore do not hesitate to vaporize it regularly or to install a humidifier nearby so that it can benefit from a high humidity. 

Calathea orbifolia will need a nutrient-rich and well-draining substrate, a mixture of 40% potting soil, 40% peat moss, 10% vermiculite and 10% perlite will suit it perfectly.

It is very important to keep a substrate always fresh and never to let it dry out completely. Depending on the time of year, adjust the watering to find the right balance so that it is not completely soggy or totally dry.

During the growing season, do not forget to give her a regular supply of fertilizer and repot her every year so that she is on top!